You can purchase production of metal

You can expect several colours of wood coating to your choice: bright white, translucent, darkish, gray. We all use the ceiling fan oil produced in Ukraine and Belgium. To receive more info . about the colours, please, mail us a request to for additional images. We buy not only the availability of eating out tables with the food prep, but likewise the solid wood legs needed for dining tables. All products are made manually ,, wood is definitely processed in special devices. To cover the wooden legs to the food tables, all of us use clear oil, nowadays we can give several shades of wood coating available.

We work with German and Ukrainian oils. You can see the colours and request further photos out of us. Most metal legs for eating tables include universal nails that are suitable for a lot of sizes of countertops. Every forms of metallic legs fit dining tables,. They can carry a heavy burden. For espresso tables we all produce small metal legs. Assembly is precisely the same as the set up of large restaurants tables. On your own request we are able to send you more photos so that you can see each of the forms of the metal legs we production. All wooden tabletops have widespread fasteners suitable for all sizes of kitchen countertops. For eating out tables, every forms of steel legs are best suited. They stand a great burden. You can purchase production of metal and wood legs for tables in our provider. Send a request simply by e-mail, and we’ll send you the catalog with the products rates. We can generate legs to have tables matching to your picture, taking into account your wishes and requirements. You are able to choose the materials and scale a product and its protecting color. All of us manufacture real wood tables right from solid lung burning ash and maple. For tables production all of us use modern day equipment. We all carefully choose raw materials in support of production and adhere to ISO9001 standards. All of us carefully choose wood and metal recycleables which have the correct quality accreditation.