Porsha Williams Has Had Enough

The Shade Room has revealed news that really seems to come from a movie. It appears that an airplane must have landed after someone sneezed and coughed, which worried the other passengers.

Discover the news revealed by The Shade Room.

“The hysteria surrounding #Coronavirus has reached a record level. An @United plane – traveling from the ski country of Colorado to Newark, New Jersey – stopped because a passenger sneezed and those who sat next to them became furious, ” writes TSR.

TSR continued and said: “A small group of passengers became disruptive on flight 1562 after sitting next to someone

Someone else joked and said, “Your captain is talking … this 26B passenger could have this Corona … we’re just going to rock this thang on the back.” Porsha Williams Has Had Enough Of The Coronavirus Hysteria After A Plane Was Forced To Land Due To Someone’s Sneezing And Coughing

One subscriber said: “ The media spread propaganda and fear like crazy. I can’t believe anyone believes anything the media tells them. Their job is to cause chaos, confusion, brainwashing, distraction and hiding the truth. People have to wake up seriously and realize what’s going on.

Someone else said, “The swine flu, the avian flu, the Ebola virus, the Corona virus are literally something every year that the government imposes on us for a bizarre program. I moved on! ‘

Another follower joked and posted this: “ I can certainly imagine the passenger who started the disturbance by shouting OH HELLLLL NAWWW! after hearing someone sneeze nearby.

Someone else also made a joke in the comments: “Yes, I definitely got the flu, and I will definitely be working from