Open Wheel Racing Is The Latest Event In Grand

If you’re looking for an open sandbox full of possibilities, Grand Theft Auto Online is probably where you would head. It’s full of endless possibilities. From competing with rival gangs to enjoying a bevvy of mini-events, GTA Online is always delivering amazing experiences that GTA fans can’t seem to get enough of.
Open Wheel Racing Is The Latest Event In Grand Theft Auto Online That’s Available Right Now
GTA Online is a huge reason why GTA 5 has sold so well commercially. Rockstar really nailed down its design, and it doesn’t seem like they’re planning to stop making improvements any time soon. Ils recommencent. This time, it’s a racing event titled Open Wheel Racing. It’s currently live right now.

Looking at the announcement trailer, this mode was inspired by Formula One racing. We see single-manned supercars hitting the tracks at blazing speeds. They zip around corners with extreme precision, which is exactly what you find in today’s F1 racing industry.

Based on these early impressions, Open Wheel Racing looks like a competent F1 experience that should give you a whole new way to race